Born in Ahar (Iran) in 1967, journalist and sworn translator. After degree as “Interpreter/Translator of ‎Italian” at the “University of Tehran” (1991), obtainment of Ph.D. in “Sciences of Communication” at the ‎University of Rome “La Sapienza” in April 2002.‎

Beginning to be active as a journalist in 1990 for the Iranian weekly magazine “Assre-e-varzesh”. Between ‎‎1993 and 1994 responsible of “Expert & Editor for the Martial Art’s News Desk”. Since November ‎‎1994 as a journalist at the Rome office of the Iranian News Agency (IRNA). For the aforesaid agency ‎coverage of several high-level international events.‎

In May 2000 cooperation as head of the Persian language section at “Logos” for a multilingual dictionary. ‎Since January 2001 head of the “Logos Multilanguage E-Dictionary Staff”.‎
Since August 2002 work as freelance journalist and translator.‎

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