Translations and Interpreting
Translator from Italian to Persian, and from Persian to Italian since 1994.‎
Translations and interpreting
Italian-Persian / Persian-Italian
As a sworn translator and interpreter of the Persian language (Farsi and Dari), ‎registered in the list of translation experts of the Roman Criminal Court, I ‎offer the following translations from Italian to Persian or from Persian to ‎Italian:‎
‎1. Certified translations of excerpts from the criminal records from Italian to ‎Persian and vice versa
‎2. Certified translation of Italian passports into Persian
‎3. Audiovisual translations
‎4. Translation of multimedia contents
‎5. Business translations‎
‎6. Translations in the field of finance
‎7. Journalistic translations‎
‎8. IT-Translations
‎9. Translations in the field of labor relations
‎10. Literary translations‎
‎11. Translations in the field of cosmetics
‎12. Legal translations‎
‎13. Medical translations‎
‎14. Personal translations‎
‎15. Tourism translations‎
‎16. Certified and sworn translations‎
‎17. Translation of statutes, corporate by-laws and company contracts
‎18. Translation of inspections of business documents
‎19. Translation of company accounts and balance sheets‎
‎20. Translation and localization of websites from Italian to Persian and vice ‎versa (Farsi and Dari)‎
‎21. Translation of technical manuals
‎22. Translation of real estate contracts, in particular sales contracts
‎23. Translation of brochures and advertising catalogues ‎
‎24. Translation and localization of software
‎25. Translation of diplomas‎
‎26. Translation of contracts and agreements
‎27. Translation of scientific texts‎
‎28. Translation of newspaper articles and news
‎29. Translation of work certificates and medical certifications
‎30. Translation of authentications and certifications by notary-publics
‎31. Translation of books‎
‎32. Translation of texts of legal disputes ‎
‎33. Translation of cinema dialogues
‎34. 3 Creation of bilingual glossaries‎
‎35. Graphic services and layout with Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, etc.‎
‎36. Consecutive interpreting and negotiation proceedings, Italian to Persian ‎‎(Farsi and Dari) and vice versa‎
‎37. Translations with CAT tools software (Wordfast, StarTransit, SDL Trados ‎Studio).‎

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